Book Review: Because of Winn Dixie

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Because of Winn Dixie

  1. Hi Nico
    My name is Justin
    Is the winn Dixie a type of wolf or fox ?
    do you speak spanish

    hope you read this

  2. Wolf, I was so excited because this is the first time that one of my own students ended up as one of the blogs I am commenting on for the challenge! How cool!

    I love Because of Winn Dixie too. I think my favorite parts are the scene in the grocery store when everyone is trying to catch Winn Dixie and the friendship party with Dump punch, egg salad sandwiches, and pickles.

    Thank you for your excellent book review for us to enjoy.

    Miss Blessing
    #STUBC commenter

  3. Hi my name is Cashton! I have never read the book, but now it is on my list of books to read! It sounds like a great book and I am sure I’ll enjoy it. The way you did the review is awsome! I hope you come visit my blog.

  4. Hi! My name is Tabitha. I thought the way you presented your book review is very creative. The way you demonstrated a review on the book “Because of Winn Dixie” is persuasive and makes me want to read this book. This book sounds like a great match for me to read because I love animals and fun. Is this your favorite book? I hope you come to visit my blog @

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